Proposed bill would strip Michigan bars of “Full Nudity”

LANSING, MI- (WLNS) A bill that would change the laws for taking it all off in adult bars in Michigan is on the Senate floor.

The proposed bill would make it illegal to have “full nudity” in any venue where alcohol is served.

State Senator Rick Jones is working to strip Michigan bars of full nudity with a new senate bill which would only allow full nudity in adult venues that do not serve alcohol.

“I don’t know of anyone who wants Michigan to become a Windsor or a Vegas,” said GOP State Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge.

Full nudity in bars has been legal in the state since 2007 when the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, limiting bar owners to a solely topless status was unconstitutional.

But Senator Jones says the loophole was in the language of the law and his bill is written to go back to old ways.

“It is not gonna ban anything that’s out there it’s just going to keep status quo,” said Jones.

But not everyone is on board with the new bill, Spiral in Lansing says they don’t always use full nudity but they like having the option to use it if they want.

“It allows us if we were to conduct a private event specifically you know that licensure would be there,” said Spiral General Manager Samuel Courtney.

Jones says topless bars in Lansing support the proposed ban, saying full nudity mixed with alcohol is dangerous for their employees.

But Spiral management says danger hasn’t been an issue.

“I don’t see it being unsafe we usually have our entertainers if they were to be nude up you know up more on a stage,” said Courtney.

But until lawmakers make a vote on the bill, the choice to share some skin, or bare it all is up to Michigan’s bar owners.

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