6 Sports Player of the Week: Steven Linton of St. Johns

ST. JOHNS, Mich (WLNS) – Last week our 6 Sports Player of the Week was a running back from St. Johns: Blake Stewart.

This week our Player of the Week is another running back from St. Johns, and we rarely do the same school two weeks in a row, but how could we ignore this ball of thunder?
“I’m Jake Nagy. I’m on the offensive line at St. Johns. I want to present 6 Sports Player of the Week to our running back, Steven Linton ….yeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!”

Don’t hurt the guy fellas, you may need him this week. Steven Linton gets the nod as our 6 Sports Player of the Week and he is so appreciative of his offensive line we thought we would have them present him with his trophy.

All Linton did Friday night in a 34 – 32 win over Haslett is rush for 311 yards. 311 — you heard me correctly. That’s an incredible night and this is one pretty good player.

This is a first for St. Johns football coach Dave Mariage. When asked how many of those nights he’d had he said “Ah, that’s the first one in my tenure for an individual. We’ve had 500 and some yards last year against East Lansing and almost 500 this year against uh, Mason so but as an individual I don’t think we’ve had that.”

6 Sports Player of the Week Steven Linton had some fun with Uncle Fred.

Fred: You’re how big?
Linton: 5-6…ha…

Fred: And what?
Linton: 150 ….

Fred: Oh my goodness I’ve had lunches bigger than you.
Linton: ha ha ha…

Fred: Obviously you don’t let your size deter you huh?
Linton: No, I try to make up for it with my running so…

Fred: Have you ever had a 300 yard game at any level in your career?
Linton: No, I’m lucky enough to have lineman that make holes and adapt to whatever they see so…it’s nice

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