Skubick: Deadline nears for Courser to run again for seat he gave up

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Former Rep. Todd Courser can run for his old seat but he must decide by tomorrow at 4 p.m.

As that deadline nears 6 News has learned he has not made a decision yet.

His political career ended last Friday morning at 3:12 as Todd Courser became a former Representative by resigning.

But will he run again?

Even though he’s been through a self-described excruciating experience, he has not lost his sense of humor.

When this reporter asked him how he was doing he answered with a laugh “it’s been very relaxing.”

But on his impending decision, he reports it will come down to what his family wants.

“There’s a lot of healing that needs to happen,” Courser explained. “Look, I screwed up big.”

When asked if he gets up one morning and he’s running and the next he’s not, he answered “I’m just still trying to get up in the morning.”

Last week under oath, Mr. Courser told the Special House Committee it had done a fair job on this matter, but that was based on his assumption that more witnesses would be summoned and when they were not he now concluded it was an unfair hearing.

Rep. Kurt Heise has a different view. “He can say what he wants after the fact,” said Rep Heise. “I was there and I know what was said under oath. He’s changed his story several times.”

Mr. Courser describes himself as a gladiator fighting the political establishment in town and had he had a better relationship with colleagues he might still be a lawmaker today.

Instead he has turned over his political future, if any, to his spouse.

So if his spouse says don’t run, will he not run? “Yeah, and I think it should be that way,” Courser said.

He has until 4:00pm tomorrow to learn what his spouse wants him to do.

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