Western High School students start the school year with a new dress code

JACKSON COUNTY, MI (WLNS) – A new school year brings new school rules and one of those for Western High School in Jackson County is no yoga pants, leggings, or stretch pants.

The school says it wants to eliminate distractions and keep students focused on learning while in class.

Jackson Bureau Reporter Genna Hilgenbrink went to Western High School to see what students and parents think about the new rules.

Many students dress to be comfortable when heading off to school and yoga pants are often a go-to for high school age students.

But you won’t find any of those here at Western High School.

They have been banned as of this school year.

Western School District Superintendent Mike Smajda says it’s to keep students focused on their education and prepare them for the real world.

Deborah Strong, a parent 6 News spoke with seems to be on board.

“If what they’re wearing is keeping other kids from focusing on school then hey, let’s just do it,” said Deborah Strong, parent.

Students like Victoria Buchaaolz are also taking the rule in stride and say if students want to dress comfortably, there are other options.

“Sweatpants are still allowed so when you wanna ‘grunge’ that’s fine,” said Victoria Buchaaolz, student.

Buchaaolz admits while she is okay with the rule now, she doesn’t think yoga pants affect the way students learn.

“I think it’s fine but as the school year goes on I might change my mind but for right now it’s okay,” sais Buchaaolz.

But Deborah Strong says sometimes the way students dress can be a problem.

“I watch what the kids walk in in sometimes and I think ‘wow really? They’re gonna wear that to school?’ but I’m kinda old school,” said Deborah Strong, parent.

Superintendent Smajda says the school district simply wants students to come to school to learn so they can provide the best possible education.

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