Skubick: Recommendation: Censure Rep. Gamrat, Expel Rep. Courser

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – A recommendation has been made by a special house committee that Representative Todd Courser be expelled and Representative Cindy Gamrat be censured for their roles of trying to cover up an affair.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick has more on this latest development.

Rep. Cindy Gamrat and Rep. Todd Courser where there for the hearing, she apologized and made a confession, and he did not.

“I agree with the house business office findings of official misconduct as well as the misuse of state resources,” said State Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R), West Michigan.

Mr. Courser and his attorney listened to the testimony and then he left without comment. Ms. Gamrat asked to be censured and the special house panel got a recommendation to do just that from the house lawyer but he wants to treat the two differently.

“Both engaged in wrongdoing and both show terrible judgment. It is for the house of Michigan representatives to decide if and how to discipline Representative Gamrat for her role in the affair. Yet, to what it appears to be her accomplice role, it is to recommend that her to receive a censure with severe conditions, rather than expulsion,” said Brock Swartzle, house attorney.

The committee did not make any final decision Tuesday.

“I can’t speak for the other members will want to do for me I think that the grounds for expulsion remains for both censure for one can be made,” said State Rep. Ed McBroom, (R), committee chair.

Mr. Courser’s attorney did talk before the hearing which centered on a massive document of evidence.

Reporter: “Was the report biased?”
Attorney: “Do I think that the reporter was biased? No.

Reporter: “Was it accurate then?”
Attorney: “I don’t really have a comment on that.”

After lunch Ms. Gamrat took questions from the committee but her attorney did most of the talking.

This committee member was not impressed.

“A judge will always ask you if you know what you have done? And her attorney kept her from doing that,” said State Rep. John Chirkun (D), Wayne County.

Reporter: “So when the attorney kept doing that what did you think?

Rep. John Chirkun: “I really don’t want to say.”

Afterward Ms. Gamrat says she was basically overwhelmed.

“Overwhelmed is probably a good way to put it. This morning it was hard but I really do appreciate the opportunity to say that and to address my colleges and the people of the state and the people in my district,” said Rep. Gamrat.

Mr. Courser will reportedly testify Wednesday morning.

Be sure to stay with 6 News as we continue to follow this developing story.

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