Police reminding drivers to stop for school buses

LANSING, MI – School buses will be back on the road next week as public schools across the state start up the new school year. But do you know what to do when a bus slows down or stops?

Our Christa Lamendola has more on what state police are working on to clear up the confusion and keep kids safe.

“People don’t stop. They just don’t understand if that was their child they would want you to stop,” said veteran Dean Transportation bus driver Becky Montoya.

When these lights go on— what do you do? Local bus drivers say the confusion has them concerned for safety as school starts back up this week.

“A lot of people don’t know that the red lights mean stop and the hazards mean you can go around,” said Montoya.

Drivers say people illegally passing and blowing through bus stop signs are the biggest hazards to student safety, a move which can add up to more than 300 dollars in fines.

But enforcing bus safety rules has become easier with cameras on stop signs and inside buses.

“All of our buses have camera systems on board to monitor behavior and ensure safety,” said Director of business development for Dean Transportation Patrick Dean.

Michigan State Police are exploring different ways to make it clearer for drivers on when to slow down and when to stop so come October these backs of the buses might look a little different.

“There’s some pilot technology out there to potentially increase the visibility of the lights to further enhance our lights,” said Dean.

The pilot program will test to see if changing the lighting will result in more drivers stopping and slowing down.

State Police are narrowing down the exact design of the new lighting system before launching it next month.

But with hundreds of buses hitting the road this Tuesday, bus drivers say it’s important to know the rules of the road before you drive around a big yellow bus.

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