National Protest against Planned Parenthood reaches Lansing

LANSING MI, WLNS -More than 300 clinics in all 50 states, protested today, as a part of a national protest against Planned Parenthood facilities across the US. Nearly two hundred people peacefully gathered near the Planned Parenthood in Frandor today.

Event organizers and protestors in Lansing say today was less about Lansing’s Planned Parenthood and more about a national social justice movement.

As pro-life organizers chanted, prayed and held to make their voices heard.

“This is a national protest, we have a local planned parenthood here but this is going on all over our country, the planned parenthood videos that have went viral about what’s going on with selling baby body parts” Noah Filipiak, pastor of Crossroads Church said.

Today’s national day of protest was in response to 7 videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, showing undercover footage of planned parenthood employees discussing the process of selling fetus body parts.

Lansing Planned Parenthood was closed today but the national office wrote a five-page letter to congress, saying the Center for Medical Progress has “spent a decade deceiving the public and making false charges”.

But that arguement doesn’t convince people like 17 year old Shamber Flore, who held a sign that read “Look at me, I was almost aborted but my mom chose life!”

“Well I was adopted at 6 (years old) by a woman who was a prostitute. So I definitely was not planned..” Shamber Flore said.

Flore was adopted by a family in DeWitt and today Shambor Flore sends a message to any on the other side of the fence.

“If you support abortion, than what about me? I could have been aborted, you could have been aborted, so it really breaks my heart just to see people, they don’t think about the big picture” Flore said.

According to the Planned Parenthood website, Lansing’s facility does not provide on-site abortions.

Protestor, Noah Filipiak, holds a sign that said “My tax dollars should not go to organizations doing abortions”.

“You know I think that someone who doesn’t have faith in Jesus, they could hold the same sign I’m holding today, which is tax dollars shouldn’t go to pay for abortions.” Filipiak said.

Some officials at the protest say they plan on continuing prayer and suggesting legislature change.


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