Calhoun Co. man sentenced in 60-year-old’s brutal death

JACKSON COUNTY, MI (WLNS) – In court in Jackson County Wednesday the prosecutor and judge said Brandon Mann beat a 60-year-old man last October and then strangled him.

That all happened after a drunken fight got out of hand.

Both families were emotional in court.

Clayton Orange’s family cried as they spoke about his death.

“I’m going to sentence you 60 years in prison to 90 years in prison, that makes you 90 years old, maybe the age Mr. Orange might have lived to if given the chance,” said Judge John McBain, Jackson County, 12th District Court.

Judge John McBain explained no mercy would be given to Brandon Mann. Just as he showed no mercy to the ‘frail’ 60 year old with advanced COPD the night Mann stood over him, pounded him and grabbed his throat.

“He also strangled him to death because death by asphyxiation, that it took at least three minutes according to Dr. Packers testimony , his expert testimony, of constant pressure on the victim’s throat area to cause death by asphyxiation, judge,” said Jerry Jarzynka, Jackson County prosecutor.

Mann explained he was drunk on Moonshine and he had a newborn child who he has not yet met to try to sway the judge for a more lenient sentence.

But nothing would sway Judge McBain’s decision, especially after hearing testimony from Clayton Orange’s family, who were still shocked that Orange’s friend would kill him.

“In the brutal way that Brandon killed my brother, by beating him unrecognizable, and then choking the last bit of life from him, while he was pleading for help,” said Mary Cook, victim’s sister.

Orange’s family said Mann was a monster and should never walk the streets.

With the earliest release date in 2077, it’s likely he never will.

In addition, the added weapons charges to Mann’s sentence will make him at youngest, 92 before he is eligible for parole.

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