Donald Trump in MI: “We’re going to be bringing back jobs to the U.S.”

Birch Run, MI (WLNS) – He’s the hottest ticket in politics, but he’s also igniting controversies at every turn.

Donald Trump made his first visit to Michigan tonight as a presidential contender and spoke to a sold out crowd in Birch Run.

Trump, welcomed by hundreds of supporters, tackled a number of topics tonight; including immigration, women’s health, a topic he has taken criticism for because of comments he’s made.

“I cherish women and I will be great on women’s health issues, believe me,” Trump said.

China, saying the country has taken all of our jobs– and he will bring them back

“China…China.. I think you have to do something to rein in China. They devalue their currency today, they’re making it absolutely impossible for the United States to compete,” Trump said.

He also brought light to Mexico.

“We’re going to get the wall built and it’s going to be built right and Mexico’s going to pay for the wall,” Trump said. “Mexico is making a fortune off the United States.”

Trump also says despite any controversy, he only focuses on the polls and right now the numbers show one-quarter of Republican voters still support him and he’s leading in the states.

“Leading in South Carolina, leading in Nevada, leading everywhere,” he said.

More than 100 protesters–including Hispanic groups rallied against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and spoke about his recent anti-immigration statements.

“We’re going to do really well with the Hispanic vote,” Trump said.

“We as Hispanics really don’t want someone like him as president,” Joseph Fleetfoot-Sada said. “Why? The man’s a terrible business man.”

Supporters disagreed.

“I believe that he would be a great leader for or nation,” Tyler Davis said. “He’s a good business man that’s what we need..create jobs, speak your mind.”

Though it’s early in the Presidential campaign, we asked some voters if they would actually vote for Trump, many say, yes.

“We’ve had so much of the same promises and do nothing..weak candidates on the Republican side,” Maury Davis.

“He’s probably our last hope that’s the way I look at,” Denny Sanford said.

Reporter question: Do you think a lot of people will vote for him?

“The more they know about Trump, the more this thing dissipates, a lot of the marginal candidates out of it, then trump can have the big stage to show his policies and what he wants to do,” Sanford said.

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