Waverly Golf Course sale stuck in limbo

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – In 2012 voters approved the sale of the Waverly Golf Course, but while the property is owned by the city of Lansing, it sits in Lansing Township, making it a sticky situation when it comes to closing the deal.

It’s been more than 30 years since Lansing Township put forth a new zoning ordinance so while they work on a new one they’ve put moratorium on all zoning within the township. That means the plot of land that holds the Waverly Golf Course must be developed as a residential plot. The Lansing Chamber of Commerce says that restriction is holding back the selling of the plot to new developers.

“We’re approaching a year now where the deal has been on the table and at some point in time I think developers are going to walk away,” said Tim Daman, president, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce says a $5.8 million sale of the Waverly Golf Course is up in the air because of zoning disputes in Lansing Township.

“To see one local unit of government with policies that they have in place which sort of right now kind of impeding economic growth in our region here we kind of, we’re gonna weigh in and we’re gonna challenge that.”

But officials with Lansing Township say there’s a reason they’re not lifting the moratorium and rezoning the golf course.

“Until we know what they wanna build and that is a plan.”

They want to see plans for the development or a large tenant in the bag first.

“If they came to us and said we’ve landed Ikea. Ikea is coming to Lansing we can go on this property, we would move heaven and earth to make sure that they did not lose their opportunity to develop the property. To date they haven’t said you’re holding us back,” said Steve Hayward, director of planning and development, Lansing Township.

The Chamber of Commerce says the rezoning should come first to allow the sale and planning of the development to begin.

“If we’re going to play this waiting game until you know Schostak is able to bring a large major tenant to the table and show what this development is going to look like I mean we could be sitting here another five years.”

In the meantime this golf course is going to stay this way, stuck in limbo.

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