Skubick: Poll shows voters support corporate tax hike to fund road fixes

6 News apologizes for getting an earlier version of this story wrong. Tom Lutz, who represents the Fair Tax Coalition, believes the poll was not biased and the language for the poll was written by a pollster and not the unions. That was presented incorrectly in an earlier edition of the story and we apologize for that.

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – A new poll suggests 60 percent of the voters want to raise the corporate income tax and use that money to fix the roads and schools.

Will Michigan voters support hiking the corporate income tax as three labor unions have suggested?

The unions say they will launch a statewide petition drive and will ask lawmakers to hike the CIT and if the republican legislature does not act, then voters could have at it this next year.

The Greenberg Quinlan national polling firm found:

(1) 40 percent Strong Support
(2) 21 percent Somewhat support
(3) 20 percent Strong Oppose
(4) 12 percent Somewhat Opposed
(5) 7 percent Undecided

Tom Lutz of the Fair Tax Coalition says the reality is that the corporations need to pay their fair share and “these tax rebates were unfair when they were given as they promised more jobs and that simply didn’t happen.”

When asked if it was significant that the poll didn’t ask about this being an 83 percent increase in the corporate tax, business lobbyist Charlie Owens said “Wording is the key. If you put it into perspective that s more draconian than going from 6 to 11 percent and I think that would have gotten a different response.”

Tom Lutz thinks the poll language was not biased. “The poll language was crafted by the pollsters,” said Lutz.

The survey also discovered that if voters take back half of the tax break from corporations 71 percent want the money to go into schools, 68 percent want the money put in their pockets and 69 percent want it for road repairs.

This “go after the corporations” is part of what the new state Democratic party chair Brandon Dillon believes is an emerging national message. “That’s feeding into a national narrative about generally the system being rigged in favor of people at the top and that’s going to be a message that Democrats are going to continue to talk about.”

When asked if jobs could be lost if the corporate tax hike passes business lobbyist Charlie Owens responded “Oh, absolutely”.

Petition drive supporters say they have the money and now the polling support to launch this effort.

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