Poll shows Michigan roads an increasing problem

(WLNS) – Roads, roads, roads, fixing Michigan roads has been a driving force of frustration for many drivers in the state.

An MSU survey shows Michiganders rank crumbling roads at number two on a list of big problems, pushing education to number three.

About 1,000 people were surveyed, with a margin of about 3 percent.

Economics professor Charles Ballard isn’t surprised by the deteriorating roads making the list. The professor is surprised by how much they jumped up the list from a year ago.

It’s no secret your car suffers in potholes on Michigan roads, in return your wallet can suffer in repairs and the State of the State survey is showing that.

The survey is distributed by Professor Charles Ballard at Michigan State University. The results were released Wednesday. One of the top problems facing Michiganders, the roads, not surprising to drivers or the professor.

“I wasn’t surprised that roads had been elevated in terms to the public’s perception of importance. I was surprised at how much, this was a huge jump. Surveys in past years where roads were at 1-percent or a half percent, now it’s 20 percent,” said Charles Ballard, professor, economics, Michigan State University.

In May voters ran over a proposal for lawmakers to raise $1.2 billion, drivers still want to get to their destination; they just want a different road map from Lansing.

“They want the roads fixed. The question is how and who’s going to pay for it.”

Those who were surveyed said jobs and the economy are still the number one problem in Michigan at 32 percent, roads came in second at 20 percent and education was at 15 percent.

“Pushed education down to no. 3 spot for the first time ever.”

Schools used to be the number one problem facing the state. Ballard thinks roads will still be high on the list next survey, but not at no. 2, once Lansing settles on a road plan.

The State of the State survey is done between three and four times per year.

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