Too many people, not enough parking at Sparrow

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Too many people and not enough parking spots. That seems to be a problem at Lansing’s Sparrow Hospital.

Some new parking restrictions have forced employees to park further away in order to free-up spots for patients and their families.

But now, some workers say those far away lots don’t come equipped with proper security, which they say, puts their lives in danger.

6 News Justin Kree spoke to hospital officials about these new parking rules.

Sparrow Hospital says they first and foremost care for patients and guest’s needs. Employees and caregivers are now required to park in lots further from the main hospital.

The reason parking has become an issue is because others were using the parking structures that had no affiliation with the hospital.

“One of the goals is to make this more accessible for the people who use Sparrow,” said John Foren, marketing and communications, Sparrow Hospital.

It has now changed to first two hours free and $1 for every half hour after that. Foren says 80-90-percent of people will be out in two hours. Therefore parking will be free for them.

Employees now will park off campus and will be shuttled in from those lots…but the new lot off prudden and may streets has no security cameras…nor shelters from rain or snow. Employees are frustrated.

“This is a safety issue for sparrow employees that are being dropped off in this lot, in the dark, alone, we are for the most part told to bad”

With the parking lot being so far away…the employee…who didn’t want to be identified goes on to say

“Patient care is going to suffer more than it won’t when employees can’t make it to work on time. It is adding an extra 40-60 min to people’s commute”

Foren says these new parking rules are affecting everyone.

“We understand there is an inconvenience involved for caregivers. We’re all going through it. It’s not isolated to particular groups of caregivers.”

Sparrow says the shuttles run every six to nine minutes from 5 a.m. – 10 p.m. Employees should be escorted to their car if they are in a lot after the shuttles run.

Sparrow goes on to say they are addressing employee complaints as they are trying to work out the problems of this foreseeable parking situation.

Sparrow told 6 News their parking lot off Prudden Street has lights, but will be adding a shelter before winter.

They also say they’ll continue to evaluate the situation for any issue affecting caregivers or the public.

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