Skubick: Road fix vote delayed again

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – There was no vote in Lansing to fix the roads Wednesday and democrats are blaming the republicans for going home without solving the problem.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick has the details.

There’s an old saying in politics, if you have the votes, you vote and when you don’t you send everyone home which the Republican leadership did.

“There will not be a vote today,” said State Rep. Al Pscholka.

“It’s really embarrassing that the republicans decided to just check in and sign in for attendance and then go home,” said State Rep. Tim Greimel.
Reporter: “With nothing.”
State Rep. Greimel: “With literally nothing done. It’s really outrageous,” said State Rep. Tim Greimel.

Here’s the deal. The Republican speaker does not have the votes to raise the gas tax as conservatives who signed the no tax pledge are telling him, no way.

Reporter: “So you are going to stiff your own speaker?”
“I am going to do what I told 9,000 people going door to door I was going to do because my job is to represent the people of Midland and Bay Counties, not anybody else here in Lansing,” said State Rep. Gary Glenn (R), Midland.

This republican leader reports finding those 56 votes to pass a road fix may come later than sooner.

“We’ll know more probably a little bit later this summer,” said State Rep. Al Pscholka (R), house budget chair.
Reporter: “Mr. Chairman, can you count to 56?”
Rep. Pscholka:”I can, I can get all the way to 56, absolutely.”
Reporter: “Can you count there and get there now on this?”
Rep Pscholka: “I’m not sure. We’re still working on it.”

The house democratic leader complains the republicans have had time enough to do this.

“Republicans have had control of state government for four and a half years. It should not take anywhere close to that amount of time to get this done,” said State Rep. Tim Greimel (D), house leader.

House members are expected to be back in their seats next Tuesday. The question is will there be a deal to vote on. At this rate, there is not.

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