Skubick: Mixed feelings on Gov. Snyder’s job performance

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – According to some new polling data, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to a job performance rating for Governor Rick Snyder.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick takes a look at what it all means.

Citizens in mid-Michigan like the governor as a person, but 54 percent rate his job performance at only fair or poor.

“He’s barely fair, I just don’t like his politics, his behind the back sneaky stuff and he is sneaky, plus he ain’t fixed our (expletive) roads.”

Turns out mid-Michigan is pretty much like the rest of the state as the governor’s negative job ratings are 55 percent in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, 58 percent up North and it’s 50-50 in the Bay region.

The only spot where they think he is doing well is western Michigan with 51 percent giving him an excellent or good grade.

According to the EPIC-MRA survey – Across all age groups, he gets fair or poor grades except with seniors over 65, they are evenly divided.

Across education levels, fair and poor.

All income groups, except those over $100,000, who think the governor is doing a good job.

Mr. Snyder gets better grades from men than women in general. But with regard to independent women, 62 percent give him low marks while 51 percent of the men are not impressed.

Woman: “Poor.”
Reporter: “Why?”
Woman: “I just have a bad feeling about him and I have to go with my gut.”

Man: “I think he’s done an alright job.”
Reporter: “Has he done anything that you like?”
Man: “I can’t say that, I can’t say that he’s done anything that I think he hasn’t done anything that I very much dislike but not anything that I outstandingly like.”
Reporter: “So you might give him a good?”
Man: “Yeah, I might give him a good.”

As for the governor he remains sanguine about all the polling data as he stays on message regarding every survey saying “he does not live by the polls.”

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