Scholarship offer for Sarasota’s homeless piano player

(WLNS) – Spring Arbor University says they first heard about Gould’s trouble in an email to their media relations staff on Wednesday last week.

After confirming that he did indeed attend the university from 1990 to 1993, they knew this story would become a sensation.

In 1993 after completing his junior year at Spring Arbor University, Gould could no longer afford tuition and was forced to drop out.

But that may have been only the beginning of his trouble.

“From what we know about Donald’s story is that he had a lot of difficult life situations throughout the last couple decades his wife tragically passed away and it kind of spiraled from there, I heard him say recently that he just kind of lost it,” said Malachi Crane, vice president for Enrollment and Marketing, Spring Arbor University.

Now affording tuition will no longer be a problem because Spring Arbor University has offered Gould a scholarship to finish out his degree, no matter the cost.

“What’s funny is we’ve been asked that a couple times, what is this going to cost, and to be transparent, we don’t know and we don’t know because that’s not a focus for us, we want to do what’s right.”

But Gould has yet to accept the scholarship, saying he has some other things in his life that he wants to work out first before he is ready to go back to school.

Spring Arbor says they will be there when he is ready.

“We’re hoping Donald accepts the offer and he’ll use that as a springboard to what is next in his life.”

Spring Arbor University was expecting an answer from Donald as early as Tuesday.

Stay with 6 News and we will update you with any developments.

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