Safety first when it comes to fireworks

(WLNS) – Red, white and boom. Firework sales are skyrocketing for the Fourth, but before these even come off of the shelves, suppliers want to make sure those buying know the risks.

“They can be dangerous if you don’t use them correctly and that’s why we ask that you take one of the fliers that say ,” said Charles Wilson, manager, Phantom Fireworks.

So how big are the risks? 6 News teamed up with the Delta Fire Department to find out.

“We taped a firecracker around it to simulate what a firecracker would do if your hand is actually closed around a firecracker,” said Mike Roberts, Delta Township Fire Department.

“We’ve got some severe burns and charring up to the fire glove.”

The biggest risk when things go wrong and fireworks get close to something flammable is, “they can tip over and start shooting at people, shooting at homes, you don’t know where they’re gonna go.”

Even sparklers can reach temperatures of 1,400 hundred degrees and can easily catch clothing on fire.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them, just be safe.

“There’s a lot of patriotic pride within fireworks. It’s in our history, but make sure that you’re using them safely so that we can all enjoy them next year together.”

To keep yourself safe make sure there is a source of water nearby and stabilize the firework with something like bricks so it doesn’t tip over.

Use common sense when keeping your distance. If a firework can shoot up to 200 feet into the air, make sure you are at least 200 feet away after lighting it.

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