Ways to protect against mosquitoes

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Mosquitoes have gone rampant in Michigan, but there are ways to protect yourself from those pesky biters.

“They’re out here, it’s crazy. The past two days I’ve noticed that they’re really intense. I’m getting bit up during the day,” Kaliah Butler of East Lansing said.

Butler is not the only one noticing an increase in mosquitoes.

According to Michigan State University entomologist Howard Russell, March and April were very dry this year, leaving few spring mosquitoes.

But now that the summer rain has left standing water, mosquitoes have reproduced, and the larvae have hatched.

“There was a lot of water standing in low line areas and we had mosquitoes larvae developing in those, and over the last week or so the adults have been out in large numbers swarming and they’re hungry.” Howard Russell said.

According to Russell the best way to protect against these large number of pesky bugs is not by candles or tiki torches, it’s by spraying your yard.

“Foggers, or even a hand pump sprayer, spray the yard especially in shaded areas, that will knock down mosquitoes that are in close proximity of where you want to sit and enjoy your barbeque,” Russell said.

And if you aren’t a fan of pesticides on your lawn, skin repellent, loose fitting clothing, and avoiding dusk and dawn are the best ways to prevent getting bit.

DEET is the active ingredient you should look for when choosing a skin repellent.

If the weather continues to stay wet, Russell anticipates the large number of mosquitoes will stay until September.

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