Skubick: Gov. Snyder giving his partners a chance to fix the roads

(WLNS) – Governor Rick Snyder is not ready to offer his own plan for fixing the roads opting instead to see what his partners in the legislature offer first.

As 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick reports the governor does have some ideas.

The governor was attending a leadership conference and afterwards.

The question of his leadership on the roads came up.

The governor says he is waiting to see what the Republican senate offers before he goes wading back into this issue.

Reporter: “Shouldn’t the governor be leading on this?”
Governor Snyder: “I have been leading for quite a few years on this and I’m going to continue to lead but at the same time I want to make sure my partners have an opportunity to come out with their own views on this issue.”

The House Republican speaker made his views known last week with a four year plan to pump $1 billion plus into the roads, using in part economic growth.

“It would be challenging to do alone based on economic growth given how many years it would take to get there.”

The governor’s transportation guy contends you have to prove the economic growth will be there. The speaker believes it will be.

“If there is economic growth into the future somebody can prove that that’s there that is the part that is concerning,” said Kirk Steudle, MDOT, director.

This Republican consultant sees a hybrid plan of higher taxes and budget cuts.

“You are going to have to find some new dollars for the roads if you really want to fix it,” said Tom Shields, republican consultant.

Reporter: “You have to have cuts?”
Shields: “Yeah, you really do.”

The governor wants to revisit car registration fee increases and a wholesale gas tax boost.

“Some combination of going to a wholesale gas tax and then looking at something on registration fees and then again we help save money in other places.”

The senate plan is due within the next two weeks.

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