Day 3 of Taylor trial: Was he mentally ill when the shootings happened?

(WLNS) – It was a bizarre day in the courtroom to say the least.

On Monday Taylor’s defense attorney made the case that he was insane at the time he pulled the trigger.

They cite paranoid delusions, including Taylor claiming he saw werewolves leading up to the shootings.

Following the prosecution resting, defense attorney Keith Watson called on Dr. Ellen Garber to talk about her three-day mental evaluation of Ricard Taylor.

“He sees people morph and change and that’s one of the ways he sees them change, is human into wolves and can go the other way around too,” said Dr. Ellen Garber, forensic psychiatrist.

Dr. Garber says Taylor told her the night before the shootings Jordan seemed alien-like, but says these are not first time thoughts for Taylor.

“One of the reasons he was hospitalized at Munson Hospital in Traverse City, he had become paranoid toward his girlfriend and her family, he thought they were trying to poison him and kill him and he thought his girlfriend’s father was a werewolf,” said Dr. Garber.

But prosecuting attorney John Dewayne believes this is all a story as Taylor didn’t tell Dr. Garber this until day three of the interviews and after reading a book in jail that had werewolves in them.

“He took the gun and put it away, implying that the danger was over that makes me think that he perceived as danger was more reality based than delusional based,” said Dr. Jeffrey Wendt, private psychologist.

But private practice psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Wendt believes since Taylor willingly told police the same day where he hid his gun, that he knew killing was wrong and who he shot, Ricard Taylor was sane at the time of the shootings

“His mental illness did not manifest in a way that he couldn’t control himself,” said Dr. Wendt.

Closing arguments are set to take place Tuesday.

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