Video confession highlights day two of Taylor trial

(WLNS) – Jurors watched the video of Ricard Taylor talking with police for more than an hour.

The confession came just after he was arrested and suspected of killing a pharmacist at a Rite Aid near the Frandor Shopping Center in Lansing then killing his own neighbor.

Next week marks one year since the shootings.

Our Nick Perreault was the only reporter in the courtroom today and reveals what went on in court.

Ricard Taylor told police just 45 minutes after his arrest he thought his life was in danger.

“Whoever I killed was kind of an important person,” Taylor said.

Police asked which one.

“I don’t know, I don’t know the guy, I don’t know who he was just some African guy.”

Ricard Taylor told police he went to the Rite Aid off Clippert on May 12, 2014 after working out looking for eye drops, but didn’t like the tone of a new employee.

“Let me see your ID, I was like my ID, what about my medicare card, social security number, I was like this guy doesn’t know me, I don’t want to give him my (expletive) card,” Taylor said.

Taylor says he got angry and drove home.

“Got my briefcase, my laptop, put my gun in it, came back and I was like here’s my ID, bam, shot him, I remember seeing blood come out of his face, I shot him in the eye, couple times in the head, and couple in the body,” Taylor said.

Then he left, went home reloaded his gun and headed next door.

“You went over to knock on the door to shoot him basically,” Brad St. Aubin, Lansing police detective asked.

“Yeah..yeah,” Taylor replied.

Taylor says his neighbor Jordan Rogers and some of Jordan’s friends

were calling him and his mom names the night before.

A night that ended with Taylor making a threat:

“He heard it click, he’s like you gonna pull a gun on me, shoot me, don’t pull a gun on me unless, you’re going to shoot me, just wait till daytime dude till I can see you, when I see you,” the 34 year-old said.

Taylor says he followed through on his threat after killing the pharmacist.

“I had my gun on me and I was like dude you’re done, he was out on the back porch and he was down, he curled down and said no not right here and I just popped him,” Taylor said.

The graphic testimony was too much for some to bear, while Taylor sat still with his head down.

Now it’s up to a jury to decide whether Taylor was sane when he pulled the trigger.

“You’re going to disagree that about whether you perceive that he was mental ill even,” Keith Watson, Ricard Taylor’s attorney asked of Det. Brad St. Aubin.

“He’s strange, but then again I’ve been here for 23 years and I come across strange people every day, but they’re not running around killing people either,” Brad St. Aubin, Lansing Police Detective said.

Now also in that video confession, Ricard Taylor told police his mom had mental health concerns and that he was abused at a homeless shelter once.

He also stated that him and his brother were both on medication, that he says he stopped taking three months before the shootings.

Now I spoke with a woman who was in Rite Aid when Michael was shot and a person close to Jordan, who believe Ricard knew exactly what he was doing.

Make sure to stay with 6News for the very latest.

An emotional day in court that will continue at 9 a.m. Monday.

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