Skubick: Final Push Is On For And Against Proposal 1

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – The final push is on as both sides are trying to get out their vote on Proposal 1 Tuesday. If voters say yes, the sales tax will increase but if they say no, no one is quite sure what will happen next.

The governor was staging news conferences while the opponents were stating telephone town hall meetings as both sides are trying to get their supporters to the polls on Tuesday.

The governor had with him the special interest groups that would get state dollars if the voters say yes. Cities and local governments get a piece of the pie, unions get jobs and local schools get money too.

The governor is facing an uphill fight since his proposal never got above 50 percent in the polls. The governor acknowledges part of the challenge has been voter anger. “It was overcoming some anger to be blunt,”said Gov. Snyder. “That was a piece of the legislative process people were upset that they had to go to the ballot rather than saying it got done.”

Backers of the road fix package claim to get around the anger, you needed time to explain the issue and that could not be done with a thirty second commercial. Kirk Stuedle of MDOT says voters are connecting to the election. “People have gone from enraged to engaged. In the last two weeks I’ve seen people turn to be more engaged. Yes, I’m mad about this but now I want to understand it.”

The opposition had a simple message: just vote no because this plan was a tax hike, had too much money for special interest groups and was too complex.

So if Prop One goes down and the legislature does nothing, there might be a statewide petition drive to find another way to fix the roads. That seems be a possibility to anti-Prop One leader Paul Mitchell. He says, “Will there be a citizens petition drive to deal with this problem if lawmakers don’t act? There may well be.”

The governor is not predicting failure but if so, he says “its back to the drawing board.”

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