Presidential Candidate Spotlight On Great Lake’s State

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – As the governor’s sights are on the polls Tuesday, the presidential candidate spotlight is on the Great Lakes state.

“I do have a lot of experience solving problems, complex surgical problems that have never been done by anyone before,” said Ben Carson, announced presidential bid Monday.

Detroit native, neurosurgeon and republican Ben Carson knows he doesn’t have the political background, but is just urging voters to listen to his ideas.

“And if they won’t listen in Washington, send them home, let’s limit all their terms,” said U.S. Senator Rand Paul (r), Kentucky.

Meanwhile Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was endorsed by Michigan’s U.S. State Representative Justin Amish at Kent County Republican Headquarters.

“I think what people want is someone who can fight and win for hard working taxpayers; we’ve certainly shown we’ve been able to do that in Wisconsin.”

Governor Scott Walker says he likely won’t decide until after June budget talks but he says the focus should be on taking power out of Washington and putting back in people’s hands.

“I’m working hard on being governor.”

A week ago Michigan’s governor wouldn’t hint if he’s interested, but with three republican candidates all in Snyder’s back yard Monday, is it time?

Reporter: “When are you making your bid?”
Governor Snyder: “Well that’s all speculation, what I’d say it’s good to get people into Michigan, let’s get attention to Michigan and the Michigan story, we’re the comeback state.”

If the governor were to make a bid, what better time than now.

Reporter: “When can we expect that name, that Rick Snyder running for president?”
Governor Snyder: “I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, so again, I’m focused right now on a big election tomorrow.”

Focused on delivering his message right here in Michigan. Michigan’s republican chair Ronna McDaniel said it’s an honor to host so many presidential candidates and looks forward to the Michigan Primary.

All helping the spotlight for Michigan, this following First Lady Michelle Obama’s Friday appearance at Wayne State.

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