This Morning: Timeline of Michigan’s Gay Marriage Ban

(WLNS) — After more than a year in limbo same-sex married couples here in Michigan, and across the country will soon get some answers.

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments today on gay marriage cases in 4 states, including Michigan.

For many same-sex couples It’s taken a long time to get this point.

The Road To Washington

On a Friday afternoon in March 2014, a Federal judge issued a ruling overturning Michigan’s gay marriage ban.

A ban approved by voters back in 2004.

When asked to comment, Governor Rick Snyder said he would follow the law, “My view is I’m going to follow what the law is, and if the federal judge has made a judgment until that’s otherwise appealed, changed or modified we’ll respect what a federal judge is saying.”

The next day 322 same sex couples married across the state.

Later that Saturday afternoon Attorney General Bill Schuette took the ruling to an appeals court.

The court issued what’s called a stay and put a stop to any more marriages.

The question remained: Would those marriages, performed during the legal window be upheld by the state?

Governor Snyder spoke on the lack of clarity, “That’s one of the issues that we are trying to address, because again it is a confusing situation to some degree. hopefully we’ll be able to provide some clarity at least from our perspective soon.”

The next day the governor’s office said state government would not recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages performed before the stay was issued, though the federal government would.

Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum spoke out against the decision to leave the couples in “limbo”, “Now, these individuals are being treated as second-class citizens. They’re not being recognized by the state of Michigan? That’s unconscionable.”

The American Civil Liberties Union decided to file suit in an attempt to win marriage rights for the 322 same sex married couples.

A US Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio  picked up the case in August 2014, along with similar cases from three other states.

In November that federal appeals court upheld Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban.

Days later, April Deboer and Jayne Rowse of Hazel Park, Michigan appealed to the Supreme Court, to ask the nations highest justices to take the case, and rule on the legality of same sex marriage for all states.

The Supreme Court picked up the case in January 2015.

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