Friends For Life: Breast Cancer & A Positive Attitude

(WLNS) – When a person is told they have cancer they can quickly be overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. According to the American Cancer Society these people may wonder if they brought on the cancer themselves or would keeping a “positive attitude” reduce the spread of the cancer. Group sessions, individual therapy and relaxation techniques can often help someone cope with the emotional upheaval that can accompany a cancer diagnosis.

How does a “positive attitude” affect cancer?

There is a very real risk that people with cancer will feel guilt because of their health conditions. It’s unrealistic to expect cancer patients to try to mask their emotions with a continual display of “positive attitude”. According to the American Cancer Society it’s normal to feel depression, sadness or fear as part of the major life changes caused by cancer.

A positive attitude can help emotionally but the power of the mind cannot control the cancer growth. Studies have shown that there is no relationship between having a positive mental attitude and the rate of the physical growth of cancer.

Mental health treatments and emotional support

Cancer not only attacks your body, it can devastate your emotions, too. Mental health treatments can be a part of a patients overall treatment strategy, especially when it helps patients and loved ones cope with the cancer and treatment. The American Cancer Society adds that it can be helpful to talk with other patients who are facing similar the same challenges. The ACS says that emotions can vary from day to day and that is normal. Patients should talk with their family and health care team to find the best route through the cancer journey.

For more information you can contact The American Cancer Society online here.

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