Jackson Man Sentenced For Renting Out His Kids For Sex

(WLNS) – A Jackson County man will be spending decades behind bars after being sentenced Thursday for eight counts of criminal sexual conduct.

He was convicted last month of renting out his children to a sexual predator next door.

Randy Stevens of Jackson will be 85 when he is eligible to be released on parole. After witnessing the courtroom proceeding Thursday, even that seems unlikely.

“Hopefully the parole board keeps you locked up like a rat in a cage, because that’s right where you belong,” said Judge Thomas Wilson, Jackson County.

Strong words were used in the courtroom. Not judge by Judge Wilson, but by the prosecutor and Stevens himself.

Stevens was convicted of selling time with his children to his neighbor, 70-year-old James Tingley, who repeatably raped them.

According to the prosecution, it was all in exchange for drugs, money and food.

“He was the one that was the key to letting the girls over to the house, he was the one kicking the girls out of the house, he was the one collecting the money,” said Kati Rezmierski, Jackson County assistant prosecutor.

Stevens used his only chance at freedom by giving a 10 minute statement in which he attempted to poke holes int he case.

He stated he was not given due process in his trial and attempted to blame police for unlawfully gaining access to his home.

“Both defendants were denied the rights to due process and the right to be tried by a fair trial,” said Randy Stevens, defendant.

No one bought it. Stevens was sentenced to 39-60 years in prison. At the conclusion of his sentencing, Judge Wilson made the case for the victims.

He said they will need many years of counseling in order to erase these horrible crimes from their memory.

Along with Stevens, Tingley will likely spend the rest of his life in jail. Tingley was sentenced to 25-50 years in prison.

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