Lawmakers Aim To Close Gender Wage Gap

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Michigan is not expected to reach wage equality until the 2086.

That’s in 71 years.

The Progressive Women’s Caucus says that’s not soon enough.

That’s the idea exactly behind this bill package.

Level the playing field and close the wage gap.

State democrats say it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

“Enough is enough, discrimination must end. Equal pay for equal work now.”

That’s just a taste of the attitude at the Capitol Tuesday.

As the Progressive Women’s Caucus along with several state lawmakers unveiled a bill package aimed to close the wage gap.

“It’s 12 bills, and there are areas that deal with transparency, disclosing salaries, having access to websites,” said state representative Marcia Hovey-Wright, (d), Muskegon.

Representative Marcia Hovey Wright says the transparency aspect of the bills is the most important.

If passed the law would require employers to disclose, upon request, wage information for similarly situated employees.

“What hurts women also hurts our state.”

During a news conference Tuesday, supporters touched on the increasing number of women becoming the main breadwinners in the family.

When women are getting paid 77.1 cents to every dollar earned by a man families struggle to support themselves and as a result, they can’t support local businesses.

New data shows at this rate Michigan won’t reach wage equality until the year 2086.

State democrats say we can’t wait that long.

“The challenge is on us to face and to take action on this package of legislation because we cannot wait until 2086 for women in Michigan to make the same rate that their male counter parts do for doing the same job with the same skills,” said Senator Rebekah Warren, (d), Ann Arbor.

That statistic you just heard, that women make 77.1 cents to every dollar earned by a man, that only applies to Caucasian women.

Lawmakers 6 News spoke with Tuesday say the gap is even bigger for minority women.

Another aspect of this package is naming April 14 as Equal Pay Day.

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