Tornado Safety Reminders

(WLNS) – We’ve seen our first round of severe weather in mid-Michigan already. While those storms didn’t produce any tornadoes locally, Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth is reminding people to be prepared. He has some suggestions to help you get ready for tornado season.

• Know the county in which you live, work and/or vacation in and the names of nearby major cities and surrounding counties. Tornado warnings are issued using counties and cities as reference points.
• Keep a battery powered weather radio to receive warnings and statements. Listen to the radio and your local TV news station for additional information.
• Develop a plan for your family for home, work, school and during outdoor activities. Be sure everyone in your home knows in advance where to go in case of a tornado warning and have frequent drills.
• Keep emergency supplies on hand during tornado season including a supply of water, foods that will not spoil and a first aid kit. Remember to keep supplies on hand for your pets as well.

What to do if a tornado warning is issued for your area:
• Keep away from doors, windows and outside walls;
• Protect your head;
• In homes and small buildings go to the basement or to an interior shelter area – interior rooms or hallways on the lowest floors are best;
• If you live in a mobile home or are in a vehicle leave it and go to the nearest shelter. If there is not a shelter close by lie in the nearest ditch and shield your head with your arms. Avoid underpasses.

After a tornado:
• Watch out for fallen power lines and do not venture into damage areas
• Inspect your property and motor vehicles for damage. Check for electrical problems and gas leaks. Report any to your local power or gas company immediately.
• Stay out of damaged buildings until you are sure they are safe and will not collapse.
• Use only approved or chlorinated supplies of drinking water.
• Check food supplies, some food may contain particles of glass or debris.

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