POLL: Proposal 1 Opposition Grows; Snyder Popularity Falls

Rick Snyder

(WLNS) – Opposition to the proposal to raise Michigan’s sales tax as part of a plan to fund road repairs is growing. According to a EPIC-MRA poll released today, Proposal 1 is opposed by two-thirds of the people who responded. When those people read the actual ballot language the opposition grew to 70 percent.

The top reason people gave for opposing Proposal 1 is the idea of a tax increase. 32 percent of the people against the proposal said they were against the tax increase and taxes are already too high. Another 18 percent said there was just too much in the proposal and 13 percent said they rejected Proposal 1 because of wasteful government spending.

Why would you vote “No”?
32% Against the tax increase – Taxes too high
18% Too much in the proposal
13% Wasteful Government spending
9% Distrust Michigan Government – Governor Snyder
7% Funding is Not Needed – Other ways to fund
5% Roads will not get fixed
3% Need more information first
3% Separate the Roads and Education funding
2% It’s a tax on the Middle Class – Poor
2% Undecided/Refused

Among the supporters of Proposal 1, 48 percent say the road repairs are needed. Another 14 percent said the funding is needed and 10 percent were supporting Proposal 1 because of the education funding.

Why would you vote “Yes”?
48% Road Repair is Needed
14% Funding is Needed
10% Education Funding
9% All of the items described are needed
5% Only Plan Available; no Plan B
3% Fair proposal; Everyone pays
3% Reasonable Cost
2% Earned Income Credit
2% Pro-Sales tax increase
2% Will Improve the Economy
2% Road Safety
1% Undecided/Refused

Governor Snyder’s favorability and job rating are also sliding, according to the poll. At the first of this year Snyder’s favorability rating was at 54 percent. In this latest poll that number has fallen to 46 percent.

His job rating also fell. In January the number was 50 percent positive. Now that number has dipped slightly to 47 percent positive. Snyder’s negative job rating was 49 percent in this latest poll.

Snyder is backing Proposal 1 in the May vote.

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