Skubick: 80 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit Gains Traction

(WLNS) – Once thought to be dead, there’s a renewed effort at the state capitol to hike some freeway speeds to 80 miles and hour. 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick talked with State Representative Brad Jacobsen who thinks the 70 mile per hour speed limit could be a sign of the past.

Support for an 80 mile per hour speed limit is gaining traction. “We’ve had little negative response,” said Rep. Jacobsen.

Lawmakers tried this last year but the measure died in the lame duck session, but now they are back. Of course if this passes, everyone wants to know if their favorite freeway would be on the list.

Rep. Jacobsen explains, “I would guess its mostly going to be on the more rural interstates like a section between Flint and Lansing. Once you get north of Lansing, Bay City and Saginaw area would seem logical for that.” The representative continued “Maybe around 131 around Cadillac.” When asked if I-696 around Detroit would be on the list he said he doubted that very much.

The representative says he has support of the Michigan State Police which appeared to be lukewarm to the idea last time around. As for any opposition “I’ve had three people contact me who think it’s a license to kill, people will go 90-95 and that’s not what the studies have shown.”

Former state trooper turned senator Mike Nofs checks in on this.

“You know they got to be pretty rural to go 80 mph so you know if you’re talking US 2 in the U.P. Yeah I think that’s probably appropriate,” said Mike Nofs.

Reporter: “But 69 between Flint and Lansing?”
“I’m not sure about that one,” said Nofs.

So is the 80 mile per hour speed limit alive and well? According to Representative Jacobsen “I fully anticipate it will be alive and will be well also.”

So the days of this sign in some areas may be numbered.

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