Skubick: Open Carry Compromise Offer Meets Opposition By Schools

(WLNS) – A pro-gun state senator is offering a compromise to the school community on the gun issue, but three major groups are telling 6 News tonight, they want no part of the suggestion from Senator Mike Green. Our Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick, who broke this story last week, says school officials were lining up to take issue with the senator.

At the head of the line is Secondary School Principals Association Association Wendy Zdeb-Roper. “You know, we just really are opposed to having guns on campus in general.”
Next up was Chris Wigent of the Association of School Administrators. “I react, we can’t agree to do that.”
Don Wotruba of the School Board Association summed up the reactions. “We don’t like open carry. We think it’s a problem but trading it off for concealed weapons is not an answer in our minds.”

GOP and pro-gun Senator Mike Green is working with the governor’s office on what he thinks is a good compromise. The senator would agree to ban the open carry of weapons in schools but the schools would have to agree to allowing concealed weapons on campus.

Zdeb-Roper said the gun debate is disruptive to the education process. When asked what difference it made if there was a concealed weapon on campus but nobody knew, her answer was clear. “You might not know but there’s always those occasions where it might be concealed in a bag and fall on the floor and then we have to do a lock down,” said Zdeb-Roper. “It causes incredible disruption to the campus.”

The school administrators want all guns banned. “We feel schools should be a safe haven for children,” said Chris Wigent. “There’s no need for weapons except for law enforcement officials.”

But this NRA and GOP lawmaker returns to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. A lone gunman killed school kids and Rep. Glenn wishes somebody inside the school had had a weapon. “I wish somebody had had a gun and some nut case might have been able to get one or two but they wouldn’t have been able to stand there uncontested and shoot dozens of children.”

The bill has not been introduced yet, but at this reading, it looks like Senator Green has convinced school officials to accept his compromise.

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