Officers Go Through Simulator Training To Sharpen Skills

(WLNS) – It’s a quick decision that could mean the difference between life and death.

“Our officers face challenges every day that involve do you shoot or don’t you shoot,” said Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth, Ingham County.

To make sure those in uniform are sharp on the job, they find themselves in this simulator.

“We want to use all the tools at our disposal to avoid the use of force,” said Sgt. Eric Jungel, Ingham County Sheriff’s Department.

But sometimes, Sgt. Eric Jungel says, firing your weapon is the only option.

“Our intention is never to kill, it’s to stop to stop the aggressive violence, our lives depend on the decision we make in that split second.”

“So to stop at one round could cost you your life.”

“We’re going two at a time now right.”

To get a sense of what’s it like in their shoes, the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office let us holster up and step into their shoes.

And first thing 6 News noticed was the importance of those hard, fast commands.

“People there need to know who’s in charge, so you need to vocalize that early on.”

It might seem excessive, but hesitate and lose control of your surroundings; you could get shot through a sweatshirt or get your face smashed in.

“They need to have to give them the knowledge to respond properly.”

Or shoot too soon and kill your undercover partner.

“We take what he’s saying, then we add in the weapon and then there goes you’re shots because you can’t hesitate at this point.”

Because out here you don’t get second chances, this event happens every year.

But police say they make an effort to get into the simulator every few months to keep their skills up to date and sharp.

Speaking of law enforcement in our state, a group of experts says departments are in a vicious cycle of funding cuts and losing officers.

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