REO Town Gala Set For Big Night

(WLNS) – If you’re looking for something fun to do this Saturday night look no further. There’s a very unique event planned in Lansing’s REO town.

If you enjoy pin-up girls, burlesque and comedy the “REO Town Thrift Store Gala” might be right of your alley.

There’s two hours of entertainment and it’s a full two hours. It’s half burlesque show, a “boy-lesque” show, live performers, two comedians, a couple of solo musicians, independent acts and a theatre group. That’s just some of what’s hitting the stage.

Last year was a successful test run last year for the REO Town Commercial Association and organizers are hoping the second annual event will be even bigger and better.

And for those planning to take-part in the “thrift store” side of things, REO Town commercial Association president Ryan Wert has some thoughts. “We’re sort of the ugly step-brother a lot of the time. So we’ve embraced that aspect in ourselves. REO town is graffiti and weird stuff, and the thrift store gala has burlesque sow and we have theater in our neighborhood. So it’s kind of the weird, off the wall we’ve found out little niche.”

Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door. Wert says any profit goes back into making REO Town a better place. “This event is really unique. It’s a strange thing that you have an opportunity to do once a a year and if you miss it, you won’t get another chance.”

The gala is happening inside a warehouse at 1027 S. Washington Avenue.

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