Michigan House To Vote On “Choose Life” License Plates In Michigan

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Should Michigan residents be able to buy a license plate that would raise funds for the anti-abortion group Choose Life Michigan? Wednesday, the Senate approved a bill saying they could.

This isn’t the first time a Choose Life license plate has been introduced to the state legislature, it actually has many times before but was never signed into law.

And while one side says this is a positive thing that will spread awareness among Michigan residents, the other says, not so much.

“When you get into the pro-life, pro-choice and you put that on a license – on a state sanction license plate.. We’re in essence taking a positive on an issue and putting it on our license plates,” Michigan Representative Andy Schor said.

“We are the only state on the I-75 corridor that doesn’t have one,” Genevieve Marnon, Public Affairs Associate for Right to Life Michigan said. “27 other states and the District of Columbia have a choose life plate and I think it’s great I think it promotes a positive message.”

The Senate approved a bill today that would allow [this] license plate to be bought by Michigan residents supporting mothers with unwanted pregnancies.

With the price tag of $35, your plate will display the words “Choose Life,” $25 of it would go toward the Choose Life fund, which is backed by Right to Life Michigan.

“Funding pregnancy resource centers and abortion alternatives,” Marnon said. “I think it just really sends a positive message to every other driver that life is precious.. Life is something we want to promote.. We want to choose.”

And though it may spread awareness to drivers out on the road, Representative Andy Schor said he has concerns about it.

“There’s not an opportunity for those people who believe in choice, believe in what women.. to be able to do what she wants with her body..normally you have the Great Lakes water.. You have feel good issues that you want to raise money for,” Schor said. “Here in an essence we are taking a position on an issue and I have tremendous concerns about that.”

The bill now heads to the House for review

Lawmakers could make a decision as soon as next week if the House passes this bill, it will then go to the Governor for the final say.

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