MSU Professor Believes Herbal Remedy Could Prevent Alzheimer’s

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – An herbal remedy that’s been used in Eastern medicine for centuries is now the focus of research for an MSU professor.

The professor says it could be the key to helping prevent and stop the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Compounds within this plant professor Muraleedharan Nair feels may lead to stopping the progress of Alzheimer’s and possibly prevent the disease from the start

“These compounds, these components from the seeds, which is called Withanamides they are very strong antioxidants,” said Muraleedharan Nair, MSU Natural Products, chemist.

Compounds that MSU and the professor have a patent for and have tested on mice to try and stop the disease from spreading.

“It goes to a specific region where it caused the damage and binds there from our modeling studies, what then happened is it prevented the oxidation, the rest of the events which cause the cell death.”

Cell death that cannot be repaired.

“Of course it is a surprise when we see the results of what we got.”

Professor Nair says those tests of mice made a crucial breakthrough.

“In Alzheimer’s treatment you’ve got to have your drug reach the brain, that’s where the story comes.”

The natural products chemist says since this method’s worked on mice, it should likely work on humans and has now been approved for human trials.

So far 300 people have already emailed Nair saying they’d like to take participate.

“We’ve talked about the need to do them in special environments and so forth and when you start going to human consumption of anything in this case a potential drug, you’ve got to take extra special care,” said Vance Baird, Department of Horticulture, chair.

Care that could cost close to $5 million to conduct the study. But once they have the funding, results could be seen within a year.

“If it happens, then it is ready.”

Ready to help those battling Alzheimer’s.

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