Skubick: Snyder Plan To Shuffle School Reform Draws Heat

(WLNS) – Gov. Rick Snyder is getting some push-back from the State Board of Education on his possible attempt to remove the failing school reform issue away from the Department of Education and place it in his Management and Budget office.

For years, this governor and others have tried to solve the failing school problem in Detroit and other regions of the state. For years the governor has watched the State Board of Education grapple with the problem and some say that has not worked.
State Senator Arlan Meekhof says this is worth a look. “What we’re doing isn’t working so far as we’re going to find something else. This may be it. I don’t know we’ll have to see.”

The governor is thinking about taking the Department of Education and the school board out of the school reform picture and shifting those functions to his Management and Budget department.
State Senator David Knezek is not pleased with the bureaucracy this brings into the picture. “What this does is bury that school oversight office under layers of bureaucracy and red tape.” Senator Knezek is also concerned about the apparent lack of education background in the Management and Budget office. “I think there’s absolutely no education expertise.”

The current Board of Education is run by the Democrats and some argue the GOP governor wants to take some of their power away. Lt. Governor Brian Calley was asked repeatedly what if the budget office has the expertise to solve this education issue. His reply was to the point. “We are considering a lot of different options on the table right now.”

When pressed on the question of whether DMB could take on education, his reply was similar. Calley said, “It makes sense to look at all the different options on the table.” When asked again his reply was the same. “There are a lot of different options on the table right now.”

GOP State Senator Phil Pavlou says the current system has not solved the failing school problem and the governor may be onto something here with the department shift. “He’s onto to something. Kids are trapped in our failing schools and aren’t getting what they deserve. The parents demand more.”

A turf war could be in the making between these two sides.

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