Safe Roads Yes Campaign Urging Voters To Vote Yes In May

(WLNS) – With two months to go before voters head to the polls, campaigning is in full swing at the Safe Roads Yes Campaign.

“It’s frightening. I mean our roads have become dangerous.”

Dangerous to the point Roger Martin says if nothing is done within three years every other mile in Michigan will be in poor or mediocre condition.

Their new ads supporting Proposal 1 began airing this week.

These sheets are hitting mailboxes, saying it’s is the last best chance for voters to fix crumbling roads.

“If Proposal 1 passes, no longer will the legislature be able to divert taxes that we pay at the pump away from transportation and send them to other purposes,” said Roger Martin, Safe Roads Yes Campaign.

Martin says there isn’t a plan b that would provide the state with the necessary funding.

“This is not the last best chance.”

On the other side of the issue, the director for the Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interests says voters need to vote no in May and give the new legislative members time to work on plan b.

“You’re taking future revenue growth above the rate of inflation, the budget for the past ten, twenty years, thirty years has been going up faster than the rate of inflation, if you just raise all government spending at the rate of inflation and take that excess revenue and put it towards roads,” said Scott Hagerstrom, director, Coalition Against Higher Taxes/Special Interests.

Scott Hagerstrom says he’d like to the money currently put aside for those film incentives to roads as well.

“You see how we have the diaphragm in between the beams, we’re lucky we have those there.”

MDOT engineer Matt Chynoweth gave 6 News a look at the Cedar and 96 bridge, just one of about 1,200 structurally deficient bridges statewide.

“I wouldn’t say it would ever cause a catastrophic failure, but it would create a ride issue up top that could impact safety.”

Luckily state inspections allowed putting in temporary beams, but Chynoweth says this bridge really needs to be replaced.

6 News even found a chunk believed to be a fallen piece during our tour.

“We can’t expect to not invest in it and have it work forever.”

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