LSD Board of Education Discusses Potential School Millage

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – At the end of February, three out of four local school millage’s failed.

Thursday night, The Lansing School District proposed the idea of considering adding one of its own to the ballot, one that would fix up schools in the district.

The minimum would be 2 mills, which would include folding in the 1.5 mills that’s currently levied in the district’s sinking fund.

The sinking fund is what is set aside for future capital expenses.

The last bond proposal the district saw was in 2007, and according to the Lansing Schools Superintendent, Yvonne Caamul Canul, instead of renewing the sinking fund (that expires next year and generates an average of about $3 million a year), it would be easier to ask for a slightly larger millage.

“I think it’s time now to start talking about investment in buildings throughout the district so that every student is in a 21st century learning environment so that we’re seeing investment all across the city,” Peter Spadafore, Lansing School Board President said.

“This is like the first conversation we’re going to have in the next couple of months with the board,” Caamul Canul said. “It is really important for the board to be really well informed about what a millage means, how much a millage costs, what we would do with the money.”

This is what they’ve come up with so far:

The minimum potential bond amount would be 2.0 mills,  which would include folding in the current 1.5 mils being levied to fund future capital expenses.

That would be an actual increase of .5 mil.

So that means on a property with a taxable value of $100,000 you would pay $50 more a year.

On a property with a taxable value of $50,000 it totals  $25 more a year.

Generating more than $109 million dollars a year

So the next question is, what would that money go toward?

“Upgrade our technologies, upgrade our securities. Our security systems our technologies, renovate some buildings for early childhood usage for STEM, for all of our magnet themes and look at how we’re going to maximize our facilities that we have that are really old,” Caamul Canul said.

“There’s a number of ways we can get this goal accomplished and my goal is a city wide project that invests in every building in the district.. That’s my ideal,” Spadafore said. “Then there’s a smaller scale so we have to see what the community will support and what’s affordable.”

These are only recommendations for the board, they will have until April 2 which is their next scheduled meeting, to make a decision on whether or not they will move forward with creating a bond committee.

If they decide to form a committee, and put this millage on the ballot, the board would vote on it in May 2016.


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