Father Convicted Of Child Abuse Not Sentenced Due To New Evidence

(WLNS) – Everyone inside the courtroom Thursday morning was prepared to hear Shawn Degner’s prison sentence, including Degner.

Shawnn Degner and his wife Meagan Degner beat, withheld food and strapped his two teens to their beds overnight on a regular basis.

The judge referenced some of the treatment in court.

“Lack of growth, beatings with a leather belt, night straps, punches with a fist.”

The list goes on.

Degner pleaded guilty to the abuse charges in January.

Degner”s conviction comes with a minimum sentence of three years, seven months and a maximum of just over seven years.

There was an agreement with the judge and Degner’s attorney that he would receive the minimum sentence.

But it turns out evidence came to light during his wife’s trial that made the judge uncomfortable handing down a minimum sentence.

Now Degner has the option to withdraw that initial guilty plea.

“When I took your plea, I told you that if I did not follow the agreement between you and the prosecutor that you would have the ability to withdraw your plea,” said the judge.

“He relies on that agreement and then enters into the plea he has a right to withdraw his plea if the agreement is exceeded.”

The two victims involved in this are 13 and 15 years old and will have a tough time recovering.

“The physical trauma though that’s just the surface, these kids have gone through so much emotional trauma,” said the judge.

Both of the victims are now with Child Protective Services.

Both Degner and his wife are due back in court in April.

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