A Decision That Could End DST For Michigan

LANSING, MI (WLNS)  – A state legislator introduced a bill Wednesday that could effect clocks for Michigan residents.

Representative Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor is pushing to end Daylight Saving Time in the state.

“It’s the one day of the year that has an hour less than every other day,” the democrat says. “You know what I’ve learned as a parent is that this really wreaks havoc on kids schedules and school performance.”

However that isn’t the only concern Irwin has for Michigan.

“When I looked a little more deep at it, you get more work place injuries, you get more traffic injuries and you get more heart attacks,” Irwin says.

6 News asked several residents in the area what they thought of the possible change.

“It’s good to have the jump back and jump toward because sometimes it’s very early in the morning,” says Thokozani Langeni.

However, Kari Ryder disagrees and says she doesn’t like the time change and says, “it’s hard to get use to going to sleep losing the hour or gaining the hour.”

6 News also spoke with the Superintendent of Ingham Intermediate School District to see if the time change would effect students at school.

“”Certainly there could be a benefit for students in the beginning where kids are picked up for school,” Stanley Kogut Jr. says.

However Kogut also voiced the opposing side saying that students could be driving in the dark following their sporting events.

The bill is still new to legislation, and only time will tell where the hands of the clock fall for the mitten.

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