Skubick: Governor Snyder Not In Favor Of Repealing Hollywood Tax Credit

(WLNS) – Governor Rick Snyder is not in favor of repealing the state’s Hollywood tax credit, even though the Michigan House is poised to do just that this week.

6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick has the story.

For years conservative republicans have been after the so called Hollywood tax credit and for years almost single handedly the former senate republican leader Randy Richardville has fought to preserve it.

That includes a seven year extension of the credit before he left office.

Mr. Richardville is gone and legislation to kill the credit is teed up on the house floor for a vote this week and the repeal is expected to pass.

So does that doom the credit? Maybe not.

Recently the new senate republican leader Arlan Meekhof indicated he support the movie credit, and now here comes Governor Snyder basically saying the same thing.

“My view, Tim on that, has been consistent for a long time. Basically, I don’t view simply turning it off as the appropriate answer,” said Governor Rick Snyder.
Reporter: “So eliminating it now is not appropriate?”
Governor Rick Snyder: “Again, my recommendation and the way I’ve positioned it is we’d have a cap for a number of years and at some point there should be a gradual ramp down of it.”

The governor did not support the movie credit that he inherited from former governor. Jennifer Granholm, but just like Mr. Richardville and senator Meekhof, the governor thinks cutting it off now would be unfair.

“I don’t think that would be the most appropriate answer, because again, people have been relying on it,” said Governor Rick Snyder.

The house taxation committee voted to repeal the tax last week and the bill’s sponsor contends with a state deficit, the state can’t afford this credit.

“To me it’s really not an argument about whether film incentives are a good thing or a bag thing, it’s really an argument about can we afford it and right now we can’t afford it,” said state representative Dan Lauwers (r), Brockway.

Obviously the governor disagrees as the Hollywood tax credit, once thought to be dead has found new life.

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