TMSG: Local Author Lori Nelson Spielman

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – When a Lansing woman found an old cedar box a few years ago, she never thought a small piece of paper inside would change her life forever.

In this week’s Tell Me Something Good, Kelsey Kiefer tells us a story she has personal experience with of how that piece of paper inspired her aunt and turned a story turned international sensation.

“I found this little box while cleaning out a closet and there were things I had collected over the years and this letter that I vaguely remember having written to myself.”

A letter that would change Lori Nelson Spielman’s life forever and inspire a novel that millions have read cover to cover.

A Lansing homebound teacher, former speech pathologist and guidance counselor, Spielman has many titles under her belt and now has another to add to her list, author.

“It doesn’t feel real.”

Her first ever published novel, ‘The Life List’, tells the story of Brett Bollinger, who is left with an inheritance after her mother passes away.

But with one stipulation. In order to receive the money she must complete the life list of goals she had written for herself as a young child. A list of goals similar to one Spielman had written for herself as a child.

“It was entitled Lori’s list and it had about 27 things that I felt would make for a goof life. It made me start thinking am I happier now or did I give up on those goals? Do we evolve as people, do our dreams get bigger or had I settled? So I started thinking of characters and this story,” said Lori Nelson Spielman, women’s fiction author.

A story now released in more than 16 different languages and 28 different countries. ‘The Life List’ is currently the number one best seller in Germany.

“I think that’s the best you can possibly hope for is that the story you wrote actually touched someone.”

A page turner that may one day hit the big screen because it’s getting attention from Hollywood filmmakers.

“It’s exciting to think that it has gotten that far.”

As Spielman continues to check items off her own life list, including a second novel scheduled to hit shelves this summer, she is reminded, sometimes the greatest gifts in life can be found in the most unexpected places.

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