Skubick: AG Says No To Governor’s Road Plan

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – By now you know that Governor Rick Snyder wants you to vote yes on a proposal to raise the state’s sales tax to fix the roads.

But, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says he’s not getting behind the plan.

As 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick reports, the governor is not happy about it.

The republican Attorney General had a ten minute phone chat with the republican governor earlier this week. A source explains the governor was not happy to learn that Attorney General Bill Schuette is voting no on the sales tax hike.

“Proposal 1 has more pot holes than some of our roads,” said Attorney General Bill Schuette (r).

That’s the kind of rhetoric the opponents of the governor’s proposal can use to kill it on May 5.

The attorney’s opposition comes during the same week that the Michigan Chamber of Commerce decided to remain neutral on the issue.

The Michigan Realtors Association decided not to take a position.

The executive director complains, the issue is too complex.

“When you have a lot of different parts, people get a little concern and concern leads to skepticism and skepticism leads to a no,” said Bill Martin, Michigan Realtors Association.

Former House republican speaker Jase Bolger did come out with his endorsement of Proposal 1 while challenging the Attorney General to come up with budget cuts to fix the roads if Proposal 1 fails.

AG Schuette did not want to discuss budget cuts.

“I’m not going to go through every comma, and dot every I,” said Schuette.

Reporter: “It’s not dotting i’s, it’s a direct question.”
Schuette: “The focus needs to be on the roads, not a Christmas tree tax increase.”

The house republican speaker and the house democratic leader both support the sales tax hike.

Reporter: “Mr. Schuette is a no vote, does it make any difference?”
State Rep. Tim Greimel, house democratic leader: “No. I don’t think that elected officials are credible messengers and at the end of the day voters will not base their vote on what any elected officials thinks.”

Mr. Schuette’s critics could argue he is voting no because he might run for governor someday.

Reporter: “You did it for political reasons down the road?”
Schuette: “This is about policy.”
Reporter: “So you are not pandering for votes?”
Schuette: “Absolutely not.”

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