Lansing City Council Exploring Options For BWL Board

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – This all came under fire following the aftermath of the December 2013 ice storm under Peter Lark’s leadership.

Lark was recently fired by the board in January because of his performance and since then, according to Lansing City Councilwoman A’lynne Boles, there has been a lack of communication and accountability between the board and council.

That’s why on Monday they will vote to dissolve the board, here’s what both sides had to say about it.

“If I have to go to the extreme option, I’m willing to do that in order to jump start the conversation that has got to happen,” Boles said. “Something needs to be fixed, corrected and or amended so that we can get down to the business of servicing the individuals that utilize this public utility.”

City Council President A’lynne Boles said the council has discussed options as far reaching as to dissolve the BWL board and make it into an advisory board; a recommendation BWL Commissioner  Dennis Louney said  was suggested about  two to three weeks after Peter Lark was fired.

“They certainly have that right, I think they can propose a charter amendment to do that, it would have to be approved by the voters, they can’t just unilaterally make that decision,” Louney said.

Whether the resolution is voted on or not, he says this has definitely caught the attention of the board, prompting more conversations between the two groups.

“We made efforts to reach out to them and in some ways they’ve reached out to some of our members but I can say I think this resolution is premature,” Louney said.

And though it may be, according to Councilwoman Boles, there is one goal the council hopes to achieve in proposing this resolution.

“To ultimately get to a level of accountability and transparency and communication that is reasonable and respectful of our rate payers,” she said.

At this point, the council is also waiting on a legal recommendation from the city’s attorney.

“We’ve had a lot of suggestions instead of dissolving the board of actually having the board be elected by the general public and rate payers so that’s also an option,” Boles said.

Councilwoman boles told me today that she doesn’t expect to have the resolutions approved or prepared by the council’s legal department by Monday.

However, she says it will still be on the agenda.

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