Frozen Pipes Shut Down High School In Jackson

JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Some lucky students got off of school at 9 a.m. while some unlucky teachers have to clean up their classrooms.

Jackson Public High School closed Tuesday due to a water main break that left two floors and several classrooms soaked.

“We wanted to determine A was it safe for our students to be here, secondly were we providing enough work space and an environment for our maintenance staff to adequately address the need,” said Barbara Baird-Pauli, principal for instruction, Jackson High School.

Slight changes in temperature cause old pipes to freeze and thaw, which can lead to pipes expanding to the point that they bust.

That leads to all of this, “you are moving from extreme cold, to starting to heat the building to a little bit of a let up in those temperatures, to resume that cold, and it’s just, it’s hard on pipes.”

The city of Jackson has had similar problems in the past. Last year many people were without water for weeks due to frozen pipes.

The Jackson director of public works, Todd Knepper says this year they’re not doing anything different and they’ve had minimal problems.

Knepper credits a warmer winter for fewer freezing pipes.

But for those at Jackson high school, this remains an issue.

“Certainly when you have something like this, it’s not unlike home, when you’re taking things out of cabinets and off of floors, and such and so our teachers are going to be busy with that.”

The Jackson principal tells us that she expects school to be up and running again Wednesday.

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