Tips For Cold Car Care

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Those subzero wind chills today are not only a concern for your health, but, the health of your vehicle as well.

There is always that split second of worry when you start your car during a cold winter morning and AAA Michigan does not want that to be you. They are offering five frigid weather fast facts.

  1. Have a problem with your windows freezing shut? AAA suggests you use a cup of boiling water, take a plastic grocery bag and place it between the window and the door frame.
  2. Now is also a great time to have your car battery tested. Remember voltage drops as the temperature drops and fully charged batteries should read around 12.5 volts. While you are at it, test your battery charger that way you know it is ready and working when you need it.
  3. Swap out your old windshield wiper fluid with a winter solvent that way the drops will not freeze to your windshield and you will actually be able to see. Double check that your engine coolant can handle subzero temperatures.
  4. AAA also recommends putting a tarp over your vehicle at night if you cannot park inside of a garage.
  5. Lastly, keep your gas tank filled to at least halfway. This will prevent your gas line from freezing. Experts say a common cause of freezing is water or moisture in the fuel line. There are a number of commercial solvents that you can use at the pump to break that water down and get it out of your tank.

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