Skubick: First TV Commercial Set To Air In Sales Tax Hike Fight

(WLNS) – One of the coalitions fighting the sales tax increase for the roads, is launching the first TV commercial in what is expected to be an expensive campaign from both sides. 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick gives you a sneak peak at what the opponents are saying and how the governor, who wants a yes vote, views the debate.

The governor is going to argue that potholes are dangerous and they can cause accidents and lives can be lost from lousy road conditions.

The coalition urging a “no” vote completely ignores the public safety aspect of this debate. Instead, in this first commercial, it depicts a women being shocked that her purchase is costing her more money.

“and here’s your receipt. Wow thats high. Yeah, its Proposal One, the sales tax hike. It gives Michigan one of the highest sales taxes in the nation. Who’s that?”

The commercial shows a guy jumping into the basket. He is supposed to be a special interest lobbyist and the customer says she didn’t pay for that, which allows the “no vote” to explain that 40% of the sales tax increase does not go to the roads but to unnamed special interests.

The governor, not knowing the commercial was in the works, defends the special interest spending. He believes it’s smart to send $700 million to schools, needy families and local governments.
He says, “So there’s a lot of important opportunities that could be smart investment areas that could be a very workable part of the package. So I don’t view these as negatives but they are part of the package.”

Former congressional candidate Paul Mitchell says his group is making a “six figure multi-media buy” for the commercial but he refuses to disclose the dollar amount and where the spots will appear. He says he is withholding the information so as not to help the other side.

While the governor defends the extra spending for other services, Mr. Mitchell contends all of the sales tax hike should go to the roads and the other spending is a waste of your tax dollars.
“The $700 million that I refer to as ransom we are paying in order to fix the roads. We were held hostage by special interest groups and that offends people.”

The governor’s “Yes vote” campaign is working on its own commercials but it’s a good bet you won’t see a lobbyist jump in a shopping cart in those spots. You will see lots of crumbling bridges and potholes instead.

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