Avoid Frozen Pipes With These Safety Tips

(WLNS) – When it’s this cold, we’re not the only ones in our homes at risk of freezing.

6 News Intern Cat Reid explains.

It may be freezing outside, but area plumbers are working to make sure your pipes aren’t frozen. That way your water can go down the drain and not your money.

“Yesterday they were frozen, the day before they were starting to freeze, but today they’re bursting, and we’re having to rush out there and get the water shut off and make a repair,” said Dan Boles, Michigan Plumbing, service manager.

On Sunday, Michigan Plumbing received 30 calls in just 1 hour about frozen pipes. If frozen pipes burst, you can file an insurance claim for some of the repairs.

“Most insurance policies don’t cover the pipe itself. If the pipe bursts they consider that a maintenance issue. But if the pipe does burst, the resulting damage is covered, and then if you have to get to the pipe and cover it up once the repair is made, that’s all covered by insurance,” said Paul Rathbun, Rathbun Insurance, VP.

Rathbun says homeowners should turn off their water or have someone check on their home if they expect to be away and renters should definitely get insurance.

“If the pipe breaks in the house, unless it’s something they actually did wrong, their policy pays for the house or apartment you live in, it doesn’t pay for the contents.”

“Know your neighbors, talk to people you know, and get in good with the plumbers.”

To make sure your pipes don’t freeze in the first place, leave a small trickle of water running and open your cabinets so that heat gets into your pipes.

You can also simply turn up the temperature in your house.

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