Sparrow E.R. Seeing Cases of FrostNip

As the temperatures and wind-chills dropped– doctors at sparrow hospital say they saw people coming through the emergency room doors with weather related injuries…

Christa Lamendola spoke with one doctor there who says when cold weather puts someone’s health at risk— they have special equipment to warm them up fast.

This morning’s cold blast made it dangerous to be outside— and some people learned that lesson the hard way– ending up here— in the sparrow e-r.

But Dr. Colin Seguin D.O. in Sparrow’s Emergency Department says fortunately this time– the majority of injuries they saw were minor.

“Frost nip is like early frostbite you just get numbness and tingliness in your fingers that gets better with re-warming you don’t see the blisters you don’t see the blackening of the skin,” said Seguin.

Seguin says when wind chills drop so far below zero– more serious risks like hypothermia are their biggest worry– and when cases of that do appear– it’s essential to get a person’s body temperature back up quickly.

“When you get worsening hypothermia your heart rate actually decreases so people’s vital signs just get very bad,” said Seguin.

and when a patient comes in and needs to warm up fast doctors at sparrow use special equipment to do it one piece is this bear hugger that plugs in and pumps warm air to a patient under their blanket>

But treatment for more common —minor cases isn’t as extensive.

”We just warm them up and their okay and they can go home and we just instruct them to wear gloves don’t leave any skin exposed,” said Seguin.

All in all doctors stay staying healthy in the cold can be as simple as—bundling up or staying inside.

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