New Website Highlights Capitol Area Culture

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LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Ever wonder what makes a person dig their roots into the capitol area? What separates our little slice of Mid-Michigan from the rest?

The people make the place.

“Lansing’s got grit.” says founder Melik Brown.

You can see that “grit” and hustle in the streets, and it’s all apart of being “Lansing Made”.

“The grit of Lansing is basically getting up on a daily basis and making something positive happen.”, says Cravings Gourmet Popcorn owner Chad Jordan.

Who knows the depth of that “grit” better than local business owners.

Grace Boutique owner Summer Schriner agrees, ” It’s just a place where you know you need to put in the hard work in but it pays off.”

Being “Lansing Made” is more than just a saying, now it’s also a website.

“I wanted to have something that people could be prideful of, you know, feel good about, share with others, and Lansing Made is a hub.”, says Brown.

From the looks of the homepage, his excitement is spreading. Log on and you’ll see.

Pages and pages of local hot spots, videos and comments of people and their stories made right here in Lansing.

“Everybody has a story about how they’ve made it in life, and for the people who are from Lansing or who make their living here in Lansing we are all connected.”, says Jordan. goes a step further by using the stories and testimonials to start a conversation.

“A lot of times a company or an entity is always pushing information, this is what the public needs to hear or hear and sometimes the public goes ‘whatever’. So I’m saying what’s the conversation. Provide information, but talk to the people. What excites you? What do you like?” asks Brown.

It’s clear from the traffic that the people are responding, and one aspect that is apparent in a majority of the comments is the sense of community in the Greater Lansing Area, and the resilience of the people who make a life here.

Brown says that’s what he loves about Lansing, the people and their Ideas and their energy.

Schriner agrees that people in Lansing don’t give up.

Jordan adds that no one is going to give it to you. You have to go out there and build relationships and make things happen, that’s what Lansing Made is all about.



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